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'Odd' Strategies

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Feb. 10th, 2009 | 01:59 pm
posted by: maverickz3r0 in pimp_my_team

Another post of mine got me thinking. What are everyone's favourite 'odd' strategies? Strategies you've seen or used or thought of that aren't exactly standard or common, I mean. They might use moves or Pokemon not commonly used, or be gimmicky, or exploit the powerful stuff many people cart around.

I've seen a few interesting uses.

Baton Pass Curses to an (Adamant, Huge Power) Azumarill with Aqua Jet. Bonus points for Substitute as well. Brick Break or Focus Punch, Double Edge, and Ice Punch (tutored in Platinum) are good other move choices. Give it Leftovers, NOT Choice Band. I saw it on a Youtube video--someone swept a team with this.

Stall with Flygon. A good set is Dig/Fly, Roost, Stone Edge/Toxic, and U-turn. Dig and Stone Edge are preferable, due to STAB Dig and Stone Edge not being totally ineffective against anything. U-Turn can be swapped for Substitute, but ideally you wouldn't have to use either. U-Turn lets you pass to another staller, while Sub focuses on protecting Flygon. Yache Berry or Leftovers. This is my own design, and untested, I have to admit.

Flinch Flareon. Requires passed speed boosts. Should include Fire Fang and Bite, with Headbutt actually being preferable to Return for flinching over power. Hold item should be King's Rock. Only Heatran and Tyranitar resist this, and Flareon won't be fighting them anyway. Untested. If at all possible, however, pass it into an oncoming Fire move...

Counterpharos/Mirroreon. Counter on Ampharos (tutored from Gen3) or Mirror Coat on Glaceon. Ampharos attracts Earthquakes like any Electric type and has defense to absorb them. Glaceon would need a Focus Sash, but people are drawn to using Special Fire on it due to its defense. Ampharos should probably be equipped with Leftovers or a Sitrus Berry. At max Defense, it could Counter an Earthquake off Garchomp or Tyranitar. Ampharos untested, but Glaceon works like a dream.

Status Masquerain. It has the ability to learn a hefty array of confusion moves, such as Psybeam, Signal Beam, and Water Pulse. Throw in its speed and you have a decent UU lead. Beware of Stealth Rock. Tested a few times, limited but good.

So...what 'unusual' strategies can you come up wit

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Comments {2}

TH, boyeeeee

(no subject)

from: holzerhedrpca
date: Feb. 11th, 2009 03:40 am (UTC)

I believe it was Disfunction who beat Marriland with the Curse-to-Azumarrill strategy on Youtube. Great battle.

Good topic! I'll be back with more in the morning.

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