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pimp_my_team's Journal

Helping Pokémon Trainers Get Ahead Since 2008
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Pokémon Training, Competitive Battling and Team Improvement
Hello! Welcome to Pimp My Team, a place where Pokémon Trainers go to get help getting the most mileage out of their teams in competitive play. This community is for everyone to partake in, whether you're a n00b, a full-on expert or fall somewhere in between. We welcome input from all points of view.

There is one thing we ask though; please keep in mind that some people choose their favorite Pokémon. So when pimping a team, please try to give suggestions for improving the user's already-in-place Pokémon rather than suggesting replacements.

- No flames
- No plagiarism... i.e., don't steal someone else's team and claim it as your own. You will be banned.

...err, that's about it, really.

Policy Posts - Stuff to look up for reference


Your Maintainer
holzerhedrpca - He likes Grass-type Pokémon, SubSeeding, the DracoFist combo and long walks on the beach

Pertinent Links
pokemon - The Mother of All LJ Pokeymans Communities
pkmn_game_help - Not as active as it used to be, but still a good place
pokewifi - For battles, trades and all things DS Wi-Fi!
pokewifitourney - The OFFICIAL Wi-Fi Tourney Holders of Pimp My Team
Bulbapedia - Despite the ad-infestation, still the reference site for Pokémon on the whole
Smogon - For the hardcore battler in you
Serebii - Great site and features a little bit of everything
Tom's Teams from the Pokémon Community - Shameless self-promotion!
CJ's Strategy Memos - Maybe the best you'll find out there
EV Guide - By Jorge Vergara... great guide for EV training, both the mechanics and a guide of where you can go to facilitate the process
Super Effective! - For the Pokeymans-related lulz, a break for a moment of levity in the srs bsnss that is team building