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Hydron's Team Theme: Legend of Zelda

May. 27th, 2010 | 11:00 pm
posted by: profhydron in pimp_my_team

So I had this idea for a Legend of Zelda themed team for PBR because I wanted to make a "Link" or "Zelda" avatar so I threw together this team and I was looking for constructive criticism or comments on it. This is more themed on the series as a whole rather than one individual game.

It is designed for singles battle.

just imagine the Song of Storms playing hereCollapse )

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Help with my Furret?

Sep. 28th, 2009 | 12:50 pm
posted by: frouwke in pimp_my_team

Okay, I need some help with my Furret. It's one of my favourite Pokémon so I want to battle with it (in the game, not online or anything), but I don't really know how to build up a good moveset.

I only know that its speed is decent, and that its highest attack thing is just basic attack, not sp. atk.
Does anyone have got suggestion what I could do? :) I want to learn how to do this by myself! XD

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The Dream League

Sep. 15th, 2009 | 09:23 am
posted by: lovely_latte in pimp_my_team

Hello all! I checked out the rules and it didn't say no advertising, so I'm taking a chance here o_o I DID get mod permission from an affiliate community (PokeWifi) to post over there (if that helps), but I wanted to let more people know...(some of you expert team builders over here ^_~)

So here it is:
I'm starting up a Pokémon Wifi League (The Dream League)
We run out of this forum: Clover.Top-Forum.net

We are currently accepting applications for our first tournament that will determine who our Gym Leaders are, and from there, who our Elite Five will be! It should be a lot of fun ^_^ We will have themed tournaments and badges for Gym Leaders/Elite Five members to give out, etc...

If you have any questions, please let me know either through LJ or the forum. Thanks, and I hope to see some of you there :3

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My team

Jun. 28th, 2009 | 10:27 pm
posted by: kenshiki_kun in pimp_my_team

Ok so far for my legends team i have...........

-Giratina-lvl 100
no item (cant decide on one)

-Arceus-lvl 89
Fight plate (only cause it looks cool)

Giratina-lvl 70
no item

Regigigas-lvl 71
no item

Heatran-lvl 70
no item

And i have a Rotom lvl 94
no items......

For my normal pokemon team like just the ones htat i fight with outside of the pokemon league and in battle tower i havent decided on yet can someone give me any idea on what pokemon i should use and in what order?

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(no subject)

May. 11th, 2009 | 02:36 pm
posted by: megguendo in pimp_my_team

Hello, dead community!
So I have....half a team for you today. Been working on it since late September. Sorta. I'm very slow at this lol

Anyway, I just have some questions about moves. I'll show you what I've got so far.

Glaceon used...uh...Collapse )

Any suggestions about anything welcome. Especially if you have an idea what other three Pokemon would go well with these guys. I'm trying to go with my favorites and ignore tiers. Thank you~
Oh yeah, these Pokemon are all on my Platinum game if that influnces your suggestions at all.

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'Odd' Strategies

Feb. 10th, 2009 | 01:59 pm
posted by: maverickz3r0 in pimp_my_team

Another post of mine got me thinking. What are everyone's favourite 'odd' strategies? Strategies you've seen or used or thought of that aren't exactly standard or common, I mean. They might use moves or Pokemon not commonly used, or be gimmicky, or exploit the powerful stuff many people cart around.

I've seen a few interesting uses.

Gimmicks? Naaaah.Collapse )

So...what 'unusual' strategies can you come up wit

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Tom's Teams: FOOOOOD~!

Dec. 10th, 2008 | 10:06 am
posted by: holzerhedrpca in pimp_my_team

Sorry for the lateness this week, but I got a bit busy. Aaaanyway, this week's team will be one comprised of Pokeymanz who might make a tasty snack. That's right, it's the all food edition! Thankfully, Game Freak has given us a vast array of edible Monsters that span across all types. So, without further ado...

The DairyCollapse )

The BeefCollapse )

The ChickenCollapse )

The ShellfishCollapse )

The PorkCollapse )

The VegetablesCollapse )

There you go. All questions, comments, criticisms and requests are not only welcomed by are encouraged. Eat up!

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PMT 'Dex Discussion: The Tier System

Dec. 2nd, 2008 | 08:10 am
posted by: holzerhedrpca in pimp_my_team

Alright, time to get into our first in-depth discussion about what tier system we should use. Mainly, this discussion isn't going to be setting up stringent tiers for wholly different metagames since this community stresses that you use your favorites. Therefore, most of the advice given would be for what Smogon would call the "OU tier," and our only major concern would be setting an 00ber tier of our own. Of course, we could set the other tiers too, and we probably will, just for shits, giggles and pokewifitourney Tournaments.

So of course, the most heated discussion will probably arise from who should be in our "00ber Tier." Here's the current Smogon Uber tier, which, from the three people who commented on the original post, is what we're going to base our tier on :)

And the discussion beginsCollapse )

So that's the discussion primer for 00bers. Tomorrow, we'll open up the rest of the tiers.

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Tom's Teams: 00ber Stall Team!

Dec. 1st, 2008 | 10:13 am
posted by: holzerhedrpca in pimp_my_team

The Uber Tier, as we know it defined by Smogon, is somewhat of a "ban" tier, a place to put wickedly overpowered Pokémon deemed to throw the "standard metagame" out of balance. For the most part, these 00ber critters are thrown into this tier based on sheer destructive offensive force. I mean, Garchomp wasn't tossed there because it was annoying the piss out of players with its stall tactics. Therefore, Ubers seems like it should be primarily an offensive game with guns blazing, right?

Well, surprisingly, there are more than a few stalling options in the ultimate ban tier, and this team will attempt to put them together so you can annoy people even in the tier of ULTIMATE DEATH!!! MWAUAHAHAHAHAH!! So, without further ado...

The Suicide Girl... wait it doesn't have a gender~!Collapse )

The Bulky and Annoying SpikerCollapse )

The Special Wall... Christ, I thought this was an 00ber team!Collapse )

The Status Absorber from Another DimensionCollapse )

The Amazing Flying Helmet-BirdCollapse )

The Requisite AttackerCollapse )

As always, all questions, thoughts, comments, criticisms and requests are not only welcomed but encouraged.

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The PMT 'Dex: Introduction, Overview and Focus

Nov. 26th, 2008 | 04:47 pm
posted by: holzerhedrpca in pimp_my_team

o hai thar!

Welcome to the kickoff of the Pimp My Team 'Dex Project, where we'll attempt to build a database of Pokémon movesets geared towards Wi-Fi players and those who don't necessarily play hard and fast by the tier listings that are provided by Smogon or other sites that are based more off Shoddy Battle or other online simulators. In the spirit of the mission statement of this community, that we help people win with their favorites, these movesets will be geared towards a game featuring not just the OU standards but other offbeat critters seen in Wi-Fi battle very often, like your general Poliwraths, Arcanines, Johto starters etc.

Before we get started though, we need to have a plan, a sort of focus to get started. Wi-Fi battling is so varied and diverse. It's not nearly as centralized the battling communities that the other sites are based-upon. The best thing to do would be to base it off what our partner battling community, pokewifitourney, would require and use. The problem there is that PWT doesn't carry the same standard rules for each tournament.

So, there are a few things we need to decide before we start putting this together. Here's the handy bullet list:

- What tier list are we going to use, if any?
- What clauses should we consider to be standard for Wi-Fi battling purposes?
- What NFEs are we going to include on the list?
- Who is going to decide what movesets are included in the list (other than myself, of course)?

And now, after the jump, each bullet point more in-depth:

What do we need to do?Collapse )

So, once again, welcome to the project. Hopefully, this 'Dex will be a successful one, and we can provide a complete repository for the Wi-Fi battler who wants to go into battle with their team and doesn't care what tier it is.

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